Get Ready for Fall With an Energy Audit

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August 27, 2021

Summer is winding down here in Illinois, and that means homeowners in Peoria, Pekin, Morton, East Peoria, Washington, Bloomington, and the surrounding areas are making preparations for fall. Many are looking for solutions to recurring issues in their homes, such as hot upstairs bedrooms, humid basements, astronomically high energy bills, and air conditioners that just keep running without providing adequate cooling.

Do you want to find a long-lasting solution to your home’s recurring energy efficiency issues? If so, fall is the perfect time to schedule an energy audit. A whole-house energy audit is the first step to creating a home that is more comfortable, more energy efficient, and healthier, no matter the time of year.

How Does an Energy Audit Work?

You might compare an energy audit to a visit to the doctor, only the focus is on your home’s health and overall energy usage. An energy audit looks at the many different components of a home and then considers how those components are working together as a system.

During a whole-house energy audit, you can expect an auditor to look at several physical aspects of your home, including the interior and exterior walls, insulation, ductwork, and HVAC systems. An energy auditor will also look at your home’s past utility bills and perform a variety of tests, such as a blower door test, an infrared camera scan, and a carbon monoxide test. All of these things together will help them — and ultimately you, the homeowner — better understand your home’s energy usage and what can be done to improve its energy efficiency.

What Are the Benefits of an Energy Audit?

As you may have guessed, getting an energy audit is the logical first step toward making your home more energy efficient. An energy audit can help you get to the bottom of issues you have been facing in your home, such as a hot upstairs, humid basement, or high energy bills. In addition, you will get recommendations on which actions to take to boost home performance.

Depending on the issues your experiencing and the results of your energy audit, your auditor may recommend a home sealing service, insulation upgrades, and other improvements to your home’s building envelope. If you follow the recommendations and repair services, you’ll end up with many benefits. These may include: 

  • A more energy efficient home

  • Lower heating and cooling costs 

  • A more comfortable home year-round 

  • Healthier indoor air quality 

  • Fewer drafts 

If you want to make your Peoria area home more comfortable and energy efficient — and ultimately save money on your energy bills — you’ll definitely want to schedule an energy audit with the pros at AAA Northgate. 

We are a full-service HVAC and insulation contractor in Peoria, IL, and we can make all of the upgrades your home needs to perform at its best. So, once your energy audit is complete, you won’t have to go searching for an AC repair company in Peoria or a company that offers spray on insulation near you—we can take care of your entire project from start to finish, saving you time and making it easy to upgrade your home. 

Click here to learn more about the cities we serve, and how we can help you create your most energy efficient and comfortable home yet! 

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