June 28, 2017

It feels as if summer is finally upon us here in Peoria, IL and the surrounding area. While many of us are beginning to enjoy some time outside, others are keenly aware of just how important it is to weatherize their homes before the real heat of... Read more

June 21, 2017

There’s no getting around the fact that winter temperatures in Illinois can be challenging to deal with. For homeowners in and around Peoria, escaping to a warm indoor environment when the snow starts flying isn’t always an option. Sound familiar... Read more

AAA Northgate One Hour, Mini split heat pump, IL
April 11, 2017

You can finally feel the summer heat here in the Peoria, IL area and while most locals are hoping this means days of endless sunshine and warmth, that’s not the case. Summer in this region of Illinois means variable weather, where one day... Read more

June 6, 2017

Homeowners living in and around Peoria, IL are already dealing with hotter-than-average weather, and the dog days of summer will be here in no time. Chances are that your air conditioner is already humming along after a dormant winter, but are... Read more

Start Your Spring Cleaning with an Energy Audit from AAA Northgate!
May 2, 2017

With warmer weather finally making an appearance, it’s time to start the annual cleaning ritual. For many homeowners in the Peoria, IL area this means giving the floors a deep scrub and switching out the bedding for lighter versions.

Healthy Home Energy and Consulting, Spring home, NY
April 24, 2017

Homeowners in the Peoria, IL area are rejoicing, as spring is finally here and the cold winter weather is on its way out for another few seasons. The arrival of warmer weather and longer days makes it easy to think about fun in the sun and... Read more

AAA Northgate One Hour, Cellulose Insulation, IL
February 14, 2017

Many homeowners living in and around Peoria, IL are hunkering down and waiting for spring to come along. The chilly weather leaves a lot to be desired, especially in homes that are difficult to heat.

While you may look toward your HVAC... Read more

AAA Northgate One Hour, Whole Home Performance, IL
February 13, 2017

It’s the middle of the winter here in Peoria, IL, and area homeowners can get a lot of mileage out of using their winter downtime to focus on improving home performance. Depending on the age and structural integrity of a home, this can mean a... Read more

AAA Northgate One Hour, Indoor Air Quality, IL
February 6, 2017

With winter in full swing, Peoria-area homeowners are finding themselves spending quite a bit more time indoors than they’re used to. We often spend around 90% of our days and nights inside once the temperatures begin to drop, which means we’re... Read more

AAA Northgate One Hour, New Year's Resolutions, IL
January 6, 2017

2017 is here and you are probably starting to reflect and plan.  You may be looking to get healthier, spend more time with your loved ones and save more money.

Setting some resolutions for your Peoria, IL area home... Read more