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Avoid surprises with a commercial maintenance package you can count on. Protect your investment and reduce energy costs! Effectively managing operating cost and maintenance can be the difference between profit and loss in commercial buildings.

Heating and cooling systems that function continuously and reliably are key components to any investment in a building. Manage your property investment without having to worry about your heating and cooling system with an AAA Northgate custom commercial maintenance service program.

Commercial Maintenance with AAA Northgate

We offer maintenance, repair and replacement for:

  • Standard forced air systems

  • Rooftop heating and cooling unit replacements

  • Boilers and hydronics

  • Radiant heaters

  • Mini split systems

Commercial maintenance services can include:

  • Annual cleaning
  • Periodic inspections
  • Regular diagnostic testing
  • Seasonal adjustment and tuning
  • Parts repair and replacement
  • Belts and filters

We service schools, churches, office complexes, computer rooms, stripmalls, shopping centres, retail stores, restaurants, fast food outlets and apartment complexes. Preventative maintenance keeps your equipment working, but you can be confident that our technicians will train their eye over your whole system to detect issues before they become expensive and inconvenient problems.

As your maintenance provider, we look at the whole system. As an example, on an gas-fired heating system we would inspect, clean, test, and adjust:

  • Heat exchanger
  • All motors (fan, burner, circulators)
  • All moving parts fan belts, pulleys, shafts and bearings
  • Any couplings
  • Ignition assembly
  • Air gate, housing, fan and retention head
  • All filter systems complete (air and oil)
  • Fuel cut off
  • Ignition transformer
  • Flame sensing device
  • Combustion chamber and refractory
  • Operate burner
  • Safety timing on primary controls
  • Operating controls (fill valve, relief valve, expansion tank, low water cut off, etc.)
  • Emissions (smoke test, etc.)
  • Combustion analysis

AAA Northgate: Good Value & Fast, Reliable Service

Our team is equipped with the right tools and expertise to look after your commercial heating and cooling repair and replacement. Our skilled technicians are knowledgeable in all aspects of large or small commercial HVAC maintenance services and repair. We have the expertise to repair and service all manufacturers’ makes and models. We provide 24-hour emergency service as part of our Commercial Maintenance Programs.

AAA Northgate offers services for commercial clients throughout Central Illinois, including Peoria, East Peoria, Pekin, Morton, Washington.

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