AAA Northgate Home Energy Audit Service

The best way to determine how to best spend your money for energy savings is to get a whole home energy audit that analyses the performance of your house.

AAA Northgate provides this service for free to homeowners throughout Central Illinois, including Peoria and East Peoria, Bloomington, Pekin, and Springfield, so that you can move forward with air sealing and insulation projects or HVAC replacement and repair work knowing that your investment will have the biggest impact on your home comfort and energy bills.

What Is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit, sometimes known in Peoria as a home energy assessment, looks at how the various components of your home interact as one system. This “house-as-a-system” approach to analyzing energy use, indoor air quality, and mechanical system performance is an industry-standard.

When we carry out a whole home energy audit on your house and give it an energy rating, we’re taking on a role similar to your doctor when you get a check-up. The goal of AAA Northgate’s free whole-home audit is to assess how much energy your home consumes and then to evaluate what measures can best make your home more energy-efficient.

What are the benefits of a home energy audit?

Home energy audits can help identify a number of different problems that can exist in a home, including:

  • Poor insulation and air sealing

  • Mold and moisture damage

  • Energy-wasting ductwork leaks

  • Indoor air quality issues

AAA Northgate’s Free Energy Audit Includes:

  • A room-by-room walkthrough and interview

  • Examining past utility bills

  • Testing for air leakage locations and thermal bypasses

  • Examining existing insulation

  • Inspecting heating and cooling systems

  • Performing a blower door test

  • Carrying out an infrared scan

Have a look at the Energy Saver 101 infographic to get a better idea of what we’ll do when we perform a professional whole-home energy audit on your house.

Boosting Your Home’s Energy Efficiency in Peoria, IL

Make the most of our free energy audit service by preparing a list of existing problems you know about, like drafts, cold areas, and condensation. Have a copy of your yearly energy bills from your utility.

Your energy auditor will ask some questions about how you use your house, for example:

  • How many people live in the house?

  • When are people home?

  • What are your average temperature settings?

  • Do you use every room in the house?

All of this information helps to uncover ways to reduce your household’s energy consumption without reducing your home comfort.

Maximize Your Energy Audit with AAA Northgate 

The best way to get the most out of your energy audit is by using the results to schedule home performance upgrade work to your home. Audits can be helpful on their own to better understand the current energy efficiency of your home, but that’s just part of the picture.

AAA Northgate is invested in not only identifying problem areas but solving the issues you may be facing as a homeowner in East Peoria or Bloomington, whether it’s high energy bills or low indoor comfort (or both!).

Areas of your home that AAA Northgate can help address following an energy audit include:

Plus, as a Program Ally with Ameren Illinois, AAA Northgate can help you save you energy and money. Learn more about the benefits of an energy audit for your home, as well as the hundreds of dollars you can save in rebates and incentives through Ameren Illinois for qualifying homeowners that move forward with energy efficiency home upgrades like heating and cooling replacement.

Be smart about how you upgrade your home, and you’ll benefit even more. Call 1-309-686-1786 or contact us to book your free energy audit!

Looking for home energy audits in Peoria?

AAA Northgate offers them for free!


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