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High insulation levels are a standard part of new construction work. Many existing homes, however, do not have adequate air sealing or insulation, and could be more comfortable and energy efficient than they are now. Common signs of poor insulation include:

  • Ice dams, icicles, and roof ‘hot spots’
  • Drafty walls and cold floors
  • Furnace runs constantly in the winter
  • Air conditioning runs all summer long

The Benefits of High-Performance Insulation

There are several factors that can affect the performance of different insulation materials. R-value, the measure of thermal resistance, is a way of labelling the effectiveness of insulation.

High-performance insulation products have higher R-value per inch, but they can also block air movement, and in some cases act as an air barrier and a vapor barrier. There are three main benefits for home insulation:

  • Comfort and health

  • Energy reduction

  • Moisture control

Working with AAA Northgate

At AAA Northgate, our team of experts provide professional installation for customers across Central Illinois, including Peoria, Morton, and beyond. We know how to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Our crews are trained to install both dense-pack cellulose insulation and spray foam insulation properly and safely.

We are a registered Act On Energy Ally with Ameren Illinois. If you are eligible for a home energy rebate under the standard or income-qualified Home Efficiency Program, any insulation upgrades that we carry out will qualify for the program.  

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