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The Importance of System Maintenance for Your Home

An emergency service call for your home heating and cooling system can cost $175 or more, on top of the cost of replacing a motor or a circuit board!..Not to mention the inconvenience and discomfort to your household when there’s no heating or cooling. Prevent problems before they become costly repairs with our affordable maintenance programs.

Keeping your system clean and in good operating condition can save you money year-round. For example, keeping your filters cleaned and the furnace tuned up can reduce the energy used to heat your house by up to 10%, while replacing a clogged filter can cut the energy use of an air conditioner by up to 15%.

Owning An AAA Northgate Maintenance Program Means

  1. We’ll automatically schedule and perform a thorough cleaning and tune-up for both your home heating and cooling systems
  2. You’ll save money on your energy bills throughout the year
  3. Your equipment will have a longer, fully functional life span

AAA Northgate offers two residential maintenance service programs.

The “Preventative Maintenance” Program

We perform a thorough performance checkup and cleaning on your heating system in the fall and one on your cooling system in the spring. As part of our visit, we can advise you how to operate your system to ensure year-round comfort and energy efficient operation. The annual premium includes labor only. Residential repairs are charged out at normal service rates after the first hour. This program includes a 15% discount on additional service calls.

Furnace Maintenance Includes

  • Inspection of airflow system
  • Lubrication and cleaning
  • Inspection and adjustment of combustion and venting system
  • Safety and efficiency check

Air Conditioning Maintenance Includes

  • Inspection of airflow system
  • Clean outside unit
  • Check/lubricate fans
  • Check condensate drains
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Check and clean coil

AAA Northgate serves Central Illinois, including Peoria, East Peoria, Pekin, Morton, and Washington.

Call us today at 309-686-1786 to find out more about our maintenance programs!

Make Sure Your Furnace Is Ready For Cold Temperatures Ahead.

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Is a Furnace Tune-up Worth It?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
AAA Northgate One Hour Heating & Air, Furnace filter being replaced during heating tune-up

Winter is right around the corner here in Peoria, which has many Illinois homeowners looking for ways in which to prepare for the cold months that lay ahead. One excellent way to do this is to beef-up your home’s air sealing and insulation, but another solution can be found in performing a furnace tune-up.