AAA Northgate Heating and Cooling Replacement Services

Replace your old, inefficient system with new energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment. You’ll have a healthier indoor environment, better air circulation, and humidity control and lower energy bills. Check out our whole home performance services to see how air sealing and insulation work hand-in-hand with high-efficiency systems to improve comfort and reduce energy bills in your Peoria, Bloomington or Morton, IL's home.

Is your current heating and cooling system more high-maintenance than high-efficiency? Here’s how to tell:

  • Is the equipment requiring frequent repair?
  • Are parts of your home too cool or too warm?
  • Is the system running all the time, or stopping and starting all the time?
  • Are your energy costs through the roof?

We supply and service all home HVAC, multi-family HVAC, and commercial HVAC equipment, including ACs, heat pumps, geothermal, thermostats and much more.

Every heating and cooling system we install is guaranteed to provide reliable, energy-efficient home comfort for your Peoria home.

AAA Northgate is a proud Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer.

Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer technicians must:

  • Participate in extensive factory training on all aspects of equipment installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Pass specialty exams to ensure competency
  • Maintain all required local licenses
  • Carry appropriate insurance and liability coverage
  • Fulfill warranty obligations in a timely manner

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Air Conditioners in Peoria, Bloomington, Morton, and Pekin

AAA Northgate Air Conditioner Services

If your AC system is 5 to 7 years old, even if it is still working, replacing it with a high-efficiency ENERGY STAR® unit could see your investment paid back in just a few cooling seasons. Air conditioners, along with furnaces and heat pumps, have become much more efficient in the last few years. If your system is costing you regularly in repair bills, it’s worth your while to look at a high-efficiency replacement.

Heat Pumps

Mini-split heat pump in home

Heat pumps function by transferring the heat energy in air from one place to another. By moving (instead of generating) heat, a heat pump is very efficient, producing between 3 to 10 times more energy than it consumes. In winter, a heat pump extracts heat from the outside air, compresses it to a higher temperature and then delivers it to your home. In summer, it reverses directions, acts like an air conditioner, and removes heat from your home.


AAA Northgate Geothermal Services

A ground source heat pump, or geothermal heat pump, can turn your backyard into an energy source for efficient heating and cooling comfort for your Peoria or Pekin-area home or business.

Thermostats & Controls

AAA Northgate Thermostats & Controls Services

Save up to 20% on your annual energy bills with a smart Nest thermostat installed by AAA Northgate One Hour Air. AAA Northgate is a trusted local heating and air conditioning company and Nest installer serving Peoria and Washington, IL. Learn more about Nest thermostats and upgrading your thermostat to save money.

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