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More than Just Recycled Paper

When you are making decisions about insulation materials, it’s a challenge to know what the best material is. Cellulose is a good option for a low-cost and energy efficient insulation. It is especially well-suited for insulating the walls of existing homes and buildings, since it can be installed from the exterior of the home.

There are two ways that cellulose insulation can be installed.

Blown cellulose is pumped loosely into attic spaces to create a thick, even blanket.

Dense-pack cellulose is blown into walls until it reaches a certain level of density (measured in pounds per cubic foot).

Blown cellulose is installed as a dry material in most home comfort retrofit projects. In new construction, it is often sprayed into wall cavities as a wet material.

Why Choose Cellulose for Your Central Illinois Home?

  • Cellulose that has been properly installed in your walls will not settle
  • Cellulose can double as a sound insulation
  • Cellulose is non-corrosive to steel, copper and aluminum
  • Cellulose will not lose its energy-saving abilities over time
  • Cellulose will not rot, decay or mildew, and it does not support fungus or mold growth
  • Cellulose is made to be fire resistant
  • Cellulose is an environmentally friendly, low carbon footprint material
  • Cellulose is a recycled material -- up to 70 percent is made from post-consumer paper
  • Cellulose is produced locally

Do Different Installation Methods Make a Difference?

The walls, ceilings, and floors of your home are full of oddly-shaped cavities and obstacles like plumbing, air ducts, and wiring. For your insulation to work effectively, it must completely fill around these obstructions without gaps or voids.

Installation is critical in determining how insulation performs in your home. How well does it fit in different size wall cavities and around countless obstacles? Is it cut and patched in? Or is it custom fit?

Cellulose insulation, when properly sprayed or blown into walls and attics, conforms to your home, making a seamless insulation system. A professional installation of cellulose insulation creates a monolithic thermal barrier that significantly reduces air leakage as well.

Looking for a Starting Place? Schedule an Energy Audit!

The best way to determine how to best spend your money is to get a whole home energy audit that analyses the performance of your house as a system. AAA Northgate provides this service for free, so that you can make informed decisions about your air sealing and insulation projects.

AAA Northgate and Ameren Illinois are working together to save you energy and money. Learn more about a home energy audit, as well as rebates and incentives through Ameren Illinois.

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